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Exhibitor registration

For being part at the PMRExpo 2017 download aur exhibitor registration form and send it to:


Exhibitor registration form

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Review 2016

Exhibitors at “PMRExpo” are currently being contacted by businesses trading as “Expo-Guide”, “Fair-Guide” and “MULPOR Company”. In the letter, businesses are being asked to correct, complete or add to their business details on an enclosed order form. It is also claimed that this is necessary to update existing details in the directory of exhibitors, to enable potential clients to contact your business easily.

N.B.: If you accede to the request made by “Expo-Guide” and/or “Fair-Guide” and/or “MULPOR”, you are concluding a three-year contract with them to publish details of your business. Such a contract will cost 1,271 euros p.a. (Expo-Guide).

The organisers of “PMRExpo”,  EW Medien und Kongresse GmbH, and its conceptual sponsor, the German Association for Professional Mobile Radio (PMeV), wish to state expressly that they have no commercial or contractual connection whatsoever with the businesses “Expo-Guide”, “Fair-Guide” or “MULPOR”.

“Expo-Guide”, Fair-Guide” and “MULPOR” have neither been authorised nor induced in any other way to approach our exhibitors to update details for a directory of exhibitors. Should such updating be necessary in an individual case, please get in touch directly with the responsible contact at EW Medien und Kongresse GmbH.

If you have already signed the “Expo-Guide”, “Fair-Guide” or “MULPOR” order form, thus concluding a contract, please consider disputing your declaration immediately, on the grounds of  fraudulent deception. You can also cancel the contract, in order to preclude a future purchase agreement. In this connection, we would refer you to judgement ref. 9 S 44/07 by Cologne Regional Court on 4 July 2007, in which it was ruled that acceptance of an offer of an entry in an internet directory may be disputed on the grounds of fraudulent deception, even if the monthly costs were stated, if the offer otherwise constitutes deception by means of its presentation and formulation. We recommend that you obtain legal advice.

Read more at AUMA homepage

Download AUMA information sheet

Interactive Floor Plan
Construction and dismantling


20 November 2016         07:00 to 22:00 hrs
21 November 2016          07:00 to 20:00 hrs


24 November 2016          16:00 to 20:00 hrs
25 November 2016          07:00 to 20:00 hrs

Should you require additional days we kindly ask you to forward your request to Additional service is chargeable.

Entry and exit only via Gate D during Construction and Dismantling. Vehicles may not enter the trade fair grounds befor 16:00 on 24 November 2016.
Entry during the fair via Gate D.

Outdoor Advertising

Join us in presenting PMRExpo! There are a variety of options that offer interesting advertising space. Please don't hesitate sending an inquiry for an individual offer:


Banner – from € 1.625
(at the entrance to welcome visitors Deutz-Mülheimer-Strasse)

Fence banner – € 1.670
(at the east entrance to welcome visitors Deutz-Mülheimer-Strasse)

Pillar wrap – € 410
(half at the entrance)

Flags – € 630
(Mobile hexagonal flagpoles at parking deck east entrance, Positioning of mobile flagpole)

Megaprints – € 3.740
(hall 11 – east side; Deutz-Mülheimer-Strasse, a highly frequented area)

Window advertising – € 375
(at the east entrance) 

Megaprints – € 3.100
(opposite Deutz/Messe station)


Prices excluding VAT.

Indoor Advertising

Join us in presenting PMRExpo! There are a variety of options that offer interesting advertising space. Please don't hesitate sending an inquiry for an individual offer:


Hall floor Advertising / Floor graphic – from € 207

Stair graphics – € 3,500

Escalator Advertising – € 200 per serial meter

Pillar wrap – € 3.300
(in hall 10.2)

Display of your brochures – € 700
(on the exhibition boulevard)

Roll-ups – € 900
(in front of the restaurant – space)

Massage lounge – Price on request
(chill-out space) 

Suspended ceiling signs – Price on request
(over boulevard)

Exhibition tote bag insert – € 1.400
(Limited to 10 inserts, Promotional gifts and information material)

Promotional gifts – 2 days: € 1,800 / 3 days: € 2,200
(display in the Offenbachsaal, 2 companies
Display of branded confectionery or promotional gifts) 

Advertising surfaces – € 1.990
(for digital displays)

Product Showcase – € 1.500

Display of notepads and pens – 2 days: € 1,800 / 3 days: € 2,200
(in the Offenbachsaal)


Prices excluding VAT.

Advanced advertisement options

Take advantage of the particular presentation opportunity at PMRExpo. There are many eclectic options available. For example:


  • The PMRExpo drink as a promotional gift for attendees at seminars and/or the trade fair
  • The evening get-together on the trade fair boulevard on the first day of the event
  • A coffee bar with barrista
  • A macaroon bakery featuring yummy delicacies
  • Mobile phone charging points (lockable)


The following services are possible, for example:

  • Naming on printed products (event leaflets, advertisements and banners)
  • Naming on the PMRExpo website and the PMRExpo app
  • Ticket allocations for the trade fair, Congress on Command and Control Centresand PMR Conference
  • Display of notepads and pencils/pens in the Offenbachsaal, the venue for the PMR Conference and Congress on Command and Control Centres
  • Your information material will be distributed to visitors directly at reception
  • Advertisement in the exhibition catalogue


We shall be glad to prepare an individual advertisement concept plan on request.
Please don't hesitate sending an inquiry for an individual offer.

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Your exhibition team

Yvonne Querfurth

Sales Manager
Telephone    +49 (0) 69 7104687-145
Telefax         +49 (0) 69 7104687-9145

Ann-Kathrin Reich

Sales Coordinator
Telephone    +49 (0) 69 710 46 87-368
Telefax          +49 (0) 69 710 46 87-9368

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