We alert people - an activity that has become a major principle of cubos. With its 23 employees, the company brings together committed personalities from the ranks of THW, fire and rescue service and the industrial sector, who possess first-hand experience of the requirements of a SaaS solution in the area of notification, alerting and collaboration. This guarantees that the development of GroupAlarm is always oriented towards the needs of its customers. Its more than 4,000 customers include well-known companies such as Aldi Nord, Siemens, Emsland and Deutschlandradio.

GroupAlarm is an intelligent software-as-a-service solution for improving planning, notification and collaboration during emergencies and crises but also in everyday working life. While it has originally been created as an additional SMS alert for emergency services including feedback at the end of the 90s, there is now a completely new generation of software available. Its functions allow users of emergency services, industrial companies, cities, municipalities or hospitals, etc. to manage alarms, scheduling, work rotas, instructions and required documentation centrally in a software. Customers' requirements include reducing response time, ensuring business continuity management (BCM), effective crisis management and civil protection, as well as guarantee patient care even in the event of major incidents.